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Maldivesis a country that has a very rich culture and an equally interesting history. Anyone who loves to read and has an ear for stories would love to sit down and hear about the myths that shroud the history of this island country. Maldivians themselves tell these stories and talk about legends with a lot of gusto.

One such story is the tale of the Rannamaari. It is a tale of a ferocious and fearsome sea monster that terrified the people of this island and demanded a virgin sacrifice every month. A brave man Abdul Barakaath-Ul Barbary stood up to the monster and relieved the people of its terror by banishing it from the seas forever. Then there is the story of Bodu Thakurufaanu, who saved the people of Maldives from a Portuguese invasion.

Although these stories are a part of the popular folklore, they are based on some true events. Even anecdotes are inspired by real life experiences. If we delve into the colourful history of this island country, we will find that the people of Maldives have always been known to travel far,wide and are famous for their sense of adventure. Even today, Maldives has not lost the charm of its earlier days. It remains very much like it was then – small and isolated, yet the one place coveted by the entire world. Its stunning sea views and breezy beach fronts are always an attraction to tourists. That is why it still remains as a favourite tourist destination for people to get indulged in this exotic island.

If we make a timeline for the history of this archipelago, it would look something like this.
1500 BC – Archeologists believe that Maldives was inhabited as early as 1500 BC
543 to 483 BC – The Simhalese arrive in Maldives led by the exiled Magadha prince Vijaya
300 BC – The first settlers, believed to be Dravidians, immigrated to Maldives
581 to 681 AD – Population reaches 10000
1099 AD – Several foreign travelers, mainly Arabs, had written about a kingdom over the Maldives ruled by a queen
1153 - Maldives converts to Islam
1558 - The Portuguese invade the Maldives
1573 - Mohamed Thakurufaanu liberates the Maldives from the Portuguese
1752 - The Malabars invade the Maldives for three months
1887 - Protectorate signed with Great Britain
1932 - The first Constitution of the Republic of Maldives enacted
1953 - The first Republic period begins with Mohamed Ameen as President
1954 - End of the first Republic period as Ameen was ousted; the Maldives reverts to Sultanate with Mohamed Fareed as ruler.
1965 - Independence from the British 
1968 - End of the Sultanate; second Republic period begins with Ibrahim Nasir as President
1972 - The first island resort is developed; tourists begin arriving to the Maldives

In addition to this, there are many stunning resorts and fun filled water activities which will always keep people busy. When you step into this spectacular island you will never have the mind to get back home as you will be encouraged to stay longer.